2021-11-19 - Hultafors group

Hultafors Group wins the B2B Commercial Excellence Company 2021 award!

Yesterday Hultafors Group was awarded the prize for B2B Commercial Excellence Company 2021.

Hultafors Group was chosen as the winner among 3 finalist because, in the words of the jury:

“The company has:

utilized the opportunities of digitalization in an effective way to increase sales and customer value built a robust business strategy based on an analysis of the customers’ buying behavior and needs succeeded in integrating sales and marketing work in a joint effort to achieve set goals In short, they are a modern company in a traditional industry, and they are, in every way, a partner to rely on.“

Thank you to all of you for making Hultafors Group the best at B2B Commercial Excellence this year.

2021-11-19 - Hultafors group